A Different Perspective

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This is the fourth lesson in our online series:

Persevering in a Pandemic  – Faith, Love, & Covid-19

A Different Perspective – Lesson Outline
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Study Questions

    1. What is about Jesus’ response in these events that puzzles you? What inspires you?  If you had been one of the disciples observing these events, what would you have thought of Jesus’s deliberate delay?  How might you have explained it in your own mind?
    2. Why do you think the sisters decided to inform Jesus that Lazarus was sick? What might they have thought and felt during the period of his delay?  When have you had to wrestle with God’s delayed actions in response to your requests?
    3. How do you account for Mary and Martha’s expressions of faith when Jesus does arrive? Would that have been your response?  When do confessions of faith come easy?  When do they become challenging and difficult?
    4. How have you seen God glorified in the midst of this pandemic? What specific things can his people do to bring him glory in the present crisis?  When have the actions of others led you to glorify God?
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