COVID-19 Response Team Update – August 21st, 2020

We are all anxious to get back together as soon as we can. We are aware that some churches near us have begun to gather face to face. Others have said it will be weeks or even months before they return. Some, like Northside, have had COVID-19 cases. Others have not. It can be frustrating and confusing.

The good news is that the warning indicators in the city have gotten better—the hospital crisis has lessened, the infection numbers are moving in the right direction. The positivity rate, however, is still very high.

We are facing two critical moments that may determine what we are able to do. First, Labor Day is near. If Labor Day activities are like those on Memorial Day, our local numbers will spike again. Second, many students will be returning to classrooms soon. We will watch what happens with those two events and can then make a decision about possibly returning to face-to-face services.

Please be in prayer: that the Northside leaders will be wise, that the pandemic will cease, and that no matter what, we will stay united.

We urge everyone to join our 9 a.m. online Sunday services. It’s important that we stay together and encourage one another. Participating together in these services has already made a difference. We hope you will plan your Sundays around that worship hour. Announcements about our church family begin at 8:45 and will follow the service as well. Go to to participate.

If there are reasons you must do your worship at a different time, you can still go to the church website ( The service will be posted there by 11 a.m. each Sunday.


The Northside COVID-19 Response Team

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