Important! – Community Response to Coronavirus

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Dear Church Family,

The following information is written in response to the global Coronavirus presence and its impact on our church family. The Northside Church of Christ has formed a response team, including physicians, ministerial leadership, communication experts, and custodial and cleaning personnel, to meet regularly to monitor the local, state, and federal health agencies, and to make recommendations to the elders about how best to respond.

Please be assured that the safety and health of this church family is our top priority, and that our decisions will be founded on maintaining that safety while trusting our God for wise decisions.

The current plans for Northside Church of Christ include the following:

    1.  There will be no church services for Sunday the 15th  and 22nd.
    2. We are preparing a live streaming service for the 22nd.
    3. We are discouraging any group meetings, but we will rely on life group leaders and other church groups to decide how they want to proceed.
    4. The church office will remain open.
    5. There will be ministers on site Sunday mornings for those who want to come and partake of communion.

 We will update the church family prior to the 22nd about future scheduling.

These unprecedented actions are the response to updates coming out today, March 13, from the CDC, in which a recommendation that all group meetings of 250 and larger be discontinued for the time being. We have listened to medical experts who are in strong agreement with those recommendations.

Our decisions are based on two key foundations: (1) protection of our church family, and (2) support of the national public health strategy. By minimizing unnecessary risks to our members, we are also doing our part in reducing the risk of a sudden rise of the transmission of the disease in our surrounding community.

In the meantime, use the health habits you learned in the 8th grade:

    1. Wash your hands with soap and water regularly.
    2. Avoid touching your face as much as possible.
    3. Cover any cough with your elbow.
    4. Avoid being around others if you are feeling sick.
    5. Don’t let anyone eat or drink after you.

For our church family, refrain from handshaking and holy hugging. Use elbow bumps or toe taps if you feel so inclined. For our most at-risk members (over age 60 and/or those with chronic health issues), we encourage you to stay at home until we are safe to resume our regular church activities.

We will be developing online and texting updates as the situation unfolds. Continue to pray for our church family, our nation, and our world.

For the Elders,

James (Jim) C. Martin, MD

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