In case of rain

It looks like there’s a good chance we will have rain during tomorrow morning’s worship service. Our worship center and atrium are still being repaired, so we won’t be able to meet inside. So, here’s the plan:

If the sun is out and it’s dry, we will have service as usual.

If it rains, it looks like it won’t be a downpour. However, we still need to be prepared:

    • Dress appropriately.
    • Plan to sit under the tents or bring umbrellas.
    • If it’s raining, we will not be able to place the loudspeakers beyond the stage area, so it will be unlikely that cars in the parking lot will be able to hear.
    • The service will be briefer.

If it ends up raining hard, we will cancel the outdoor service.

No matter what, the service will be live-streamed at, and it will be recorded and posted at so you can participate from home at your convenience.

If it rains, we will thank God for his blessings. Even during the trials of the pandemic, we are still God’s children and will live with gratitude and hope. Stay strong, Northside.

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