Jereissati School

The JoAnn Scruggs Christian School (JSCS) is in its 31st year of offering quality, faith-based education to Jereissati, a community in the metropolitan area of Fortaleza, Brasil. Northside has been a part of the school for most of that time. The school teaches the love of God through daily devotionals and Bible classes. The school’s motto is “A school with God is a school with Life”.

The school’s director, Herbene relates that many of her students have given their lives to Christ because of being at the school. Her students are scattered throughout the larger metropolitan area and many have completed university, only a dream for most of the children in the community. The alumni of JSCS are policemen, nurses, IT people, other young professionals, and (Herbene’s favorite!) school teachers. 

This year there are 230 students in the school, from preschool through 9th grade. Schools in Brasil mostly operate for half a day, but JSCS operates both morning and afternoon, servicing different groups. Herbene has constantly involved the parents in the life of the school, and the students in turn are taught to value and honor their parents. The students are involved in the local community, and have served the  population through programs such as senior care and the distribution of food and clothing. Its regular events include a week of activities leading up to Easter, a cultural week that leads students to a better understanding of dozens of countries, and a week of emphasis on civic responsibilities building up to September 7th, Brasil’s independence day, culminating in the school’s participation in the city-wide Patriot Parade. 

One of the great satisfactions of Herbene’s life is that, during the lant four or five years, students are coming to the school whose parents were among the early students there. Herbene says this confirms the dream she has always had of offering a quality, god-blessed education to the children of her community. As always, when herbene talks about the school, her dream, her vision, she reminds us that “the support of our American sisters and brothers has been fundamental in continuing this dream and is a constant incentive for us to keep working hard each day!” 

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