Kingdom Capacity: How Bigger Can Be Better | Youth Sunday

May 15, 2022 | Ben Crain

Jesus says, “Whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.” Right before this he speaks to the Pharisees about hardness of heart, and right after he speaks to the rich young ruler about generosity. All three stories have something significant to teach us about unlocking the Kingdom Capacity of Jesus. Our youth today are facing unprecedented challenges, but they are still shining examples of receiving God’s kingdom. Watch our service from Sunday, May 15, with a special message from Ben Crain, as we celebrate our graduating seniors who have navigated these challenging times, look at how their hearts can help transform the church, and look at how the church can help them find a much needed community. With God, every generation can come together to make the body of Christ bigger and better!

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