Lesson Eleven | Mission POSSIBLE: Being Missional Minded Like Jesus through Local Outreach

August 14, 2022 | Allen Halstead

Sometimes the most difficult part of accomplishing anything is getting started. We know there is a need in our community for Jesus and his word to be spread to those we don’t even yet know. For this 13-week, class we will explore the HOW to include our nearby neighbors in becoming a part of our church family, sharing with us all the benefits of being in relationship with Jesus. We will use this time to explore the factors shaping our current culture and all avenues of being the messengers God placed in this church to share His word.

Join us next Sunday at 9 a.m. in person or online at https://live.nscoc.org. To support the work God is doing through Northside, give today at https://nscoc.org/give. CCLI License # 381546.