LIFE Groups

Experience Life with us!

A Life Group is a small-group setting that helps us live more fully the abundant life of a disciple of Jesus. The goal is to offer diverse small group opportunities for spiritual growth, for fulfilling relationships, and for opportunities to bless our friends, family and neighbors.

Northside encourages all members to be involved in Life groups and to include our neighbors. We believe Life Groups help us be God’s people and experience to the fullest the life God offers. Here are some reasons:

  • God is “group.” We believe that God is three persons in one. God is community. Since eternity the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have been in intimate relationship with each other and form a perfect unity, exist in perfect harmony.
  • God made us in his image. We believe that in fundamental ways our nature reflects God our creator. That includes relationships. The more we live in harmony with one another, the more we live the best life possible.
  • One another. Scripture tells us dozens of times to “love one another,” “serve one another,” be kind to one another,” “carry one another’s burdens.” Small groups open up possibilities for us to bless the lives of others and be blessed ourselves.
  • Crisis. All of us have been through, are going through or will go through crises in our lives. Small groups surround us by people who know us personally and can offer guidance and support to make it through whatever comes our way.
  • Meeting Jesus. Jesus said that he came to give life. Being in a small group helps us better envision who Jesus is, what he came to do, and what his life has to do with each one of us.

We invite you to be a part of one of our Life Groups. We have groups that meet in different locations, are composed of different generational groups, and have different styles of being together.