The Worship Ministry at Northside seeks to enhance the worship atmosphere and content of our worship services. The ministry includes two separate efforts.

The Worship Committee (WC) crafts the assemblies we enjoy each week. The WC meets each month to discuss and create the following month’s assemblies. David Allen currently serves as the chair of the WC. You can send an email to the whole WC at worship@nscoc.org. Your feedback is appreciated!

The other component of the Worship Ministry is our Worship Support Ministry (WSM). The WSM includes singers on microphones. However, singing with microphones is strictly voluntary, and no one is asked to do so unless they are willing and until they are ready. The WSM meets on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM to rehearse each upcoming Sunday worship. The rehearsal is led by whoever is the primary worship leader for the upcoming Sunday. While a music background and music skills are helpful, the main requirement for involvement in the WSM is a servant’s heart. New songs and special music are learned during the rehearsals. If you are interested in serving on the WSM, contact any current worship leader, theWorship Committee or David Allen.