Living Water International

Living Water International (LWI) believes that everything starts with water. They have been transforming the lives of the thirsty since 1990 by providing clean safe water through the drilling of wells and teaching of good hygiene practices. Transformation that includes better health, more time for education and opportunities for women to develop businesses which can break the cycle of poverty. But we are also speaking of the Living Water of Jesus Christ. Through the selfless act of drilling the well we not only speak of God’s love, we show it. Northside has been working with Living Water International since 2011. Over that time we have sent mission teams to Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Kenya. Our teams have provided hygiene training and supplied the physical labor for six well projects which provided clean water to countless brothers and sisters and their villages for generations to come. We have fully sponsored projects in Nicaragua and El Salvador. In November of 2017 we send our second team in one year to Kenya to work on two additional projects.

In 2018 we have one trip planned in August to El Salvador. These trips are a great opportunity to express your love for Christ through service. The work you do will create a clean safe water supply that will be a lasting legacy of God’s provision.

To learn more about LWI’s work around the globe visit their website at For information about Northside’s involvement and how you can become part of this ministry contact Rob or Karen Anderson.


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