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The São Luís Mission Team, made up of the Dye Family, the Gibbins Family and the Hill Family, is prepared to go to Sao Luis in Maranhao, Brazil to start a church. They will go as the first missionaries sent by Northside Church of Christ and in partnership with Great Cities Missions.

Nearly 14 years of service in Christ has forged this team through numerous in-church and in-community ministry experiences. In June of 2016, they will all be quitting their jobs to undergo six months of full-time intensive training as they prepare to arrive in São Luís in January, 2018.

Great Cities Missions has already started churches in 19 of the 26 state capital cities in Brazil, and São Luís will be the 20th, with these families answering God’s call. Each of these three families have committed a minimum of five years to the mission, but that really means being present until their mission is complete.

Leveraging a successful model of Great Cities Missions, the São Luís Mission Team will make an impact on this large city with a “main avenue church.” A main avenue church is located on a principle and well-known thoroughfare of the target city, inspiring credibility and insuring accessibility, and serving as a visible outreach tool for ministry to the community.

In a little more detail, the São Luís Mission Team will:

  1. Settle into São Luís and began intensive language and cultural training
  2. Begin the Great Cities Missions plan to start a new congregation
  3. Find, rent and prepare a temporary space to launch the church
  4. Concentrate on outreach and growing a large faith community
  5. Launch multiplying small groups that will spread throughout the city
  6. Prepare members for their ministry in the church and community
  7. Raise up national leaders who will lead the congregation
  8. Begin the process of securing a permanent building
  9. Plan other new congregations
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