Hector Garza Center

The Hector Garza Center provides special care for young adults between the ages of 10-17 who are experiencing extraordinary life and family difficulties. Northside members have been involved in ministry with this organization for the past 16 years. Our goal with this ministry is to build relationships with students who are experiencing a rough time in their lives, provide a listening ear, cover them in prayer, and show them the love of Jesus through our actions and words.

Hector Garza

Once a month, Northside volunteers go to the Hector Garza center to spend time with the residents.  We begin with a party, celebrating the birthdays for the teens who were born in that month, followed by a devotional period.  In addition to these monthly meetings, we attempt to meet the additional needs of the organization and the residents as they arise throughout the year, whether that be in the form of materials or emotional and spiritual support.   When we are at the Hector Garza Center, we do our best to provide fellowship and whatever support we can provide that lets a teenager know that we care. This past year we were able to provide new uniforms for the HGC soccer team. When the holidays come around we provide a Christmas/Thanksgiving meal for the entire facility.  Faith in action resulted in two teens last year expressing their faith in Jesus Christ. .

We are a small ministry team, we need you, and we want you to join us so we can continue to show these kids the love of Christ.   For information please contact Theresa Turner, Barry Allison, or Paul Klinge.