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Our Mission is to be the hands and feet of Jesus outside the four walls of the church building. We are building relationships and creating community while we share the love of Jesus to the resident of Grant Avenue and the surrounding community.

We meet on Thursday evenings at 3519 Grant Ave, cook hot dogs and hamburgers with the residents and displaced of the area. We have been in the community for three years, over that time we have had numerous opportunities to have Bible studies, prayer time and fellowship with everyone we meet. The children in the neighborhood are the focus of why we do what we do, we play games, help with school work and have meaningful conversations with them. We have been blessed by being included in two weddings in the parking lot and have been able to provide meals for families who have lost loved ones.

If you would like to help serve the people of Grant Avenue or would like more information please contact Erin or Wayne Alsup.

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Lynette Kennedy
Wayne AlsupErin Alsup
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Erin Alsup
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