New Bible Class Series, “Faith and Politics,” Begins Sunday, September 6

On Sunday, September 6, we begin a new adult Bible study series, “Faith and Politics: Being Salt and Light in Partisan World” Examining the role of faith and politics is not only timely; it is necessary. We have all observed the increasing loudness and intensity in political discourse that has occurred in the last several years. It is not that politics itself has changed; rather, how we talk about it now seems to be different. Too often, dialogue has descended into accusation, and commitment reformulated into rage. In such a context, how do we as Christians participate in the political discussion, and at the same time reflect a commitment to peace and reconciliation?

This examination of Christianity and politics will not specifically address distinct political issues. Christians have disagreed on political subjects for hundreds of years, and the purpose of this class is not to produce a uniform agreement. Rather, we will be looking at politics from the larger question of faith. What is the proper relationship between church and state? How does a commitment to righteousness and faith express itself in the political arena? How does our embrace of service over power impact our political involvement? How do we seek what is best for our nation without making devotion to country supreme? How can Christians discuss and even disagree on political issues, and yet avoid discord and conflict?

Each lesson in the series will be presented live by Zoom every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. beginning September 6. Details on how to join will be provided by email each week. By tuning in and joining others on Sunday morning, you will be able to make comments, ask questions, offer prayer requests, and share in an experience we hope will be much like a typical adult Bible class. Each lesson will be recorded and made available to view on demand at

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