Observing Jesus

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This is the third lesson in the series:

Persevering in a Pandemic  – Faith, Love, & Covid-19

Observing Jesus – Lesson Outline
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Questions for Discussion

  1. Where in Scripture do you see the humility of Jesus clearly expressed? How do you react to the assertion that God is humble? In what ways is that true? In what ways might it be false? How does the idea of a humble God change your understanding of him?
  2. When do you tend to become prideful and self-absorbed? In what ways has pride led to problems in your own life? Who do you know who is truly humble? What is it about this person you find so appealing?
  3. How has pride displayed itself in this Covid-19 pandemic? What are some ways we can demonstrate humility in the present crisis? How might walking the path of humility lead us to a deeper faith in God?
  4. When does facing uncertainty become especially difficult for you? How are you dealing with the uncertainty of the present pandemic? How might humility better prepare us to live with this uncertainty?
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