Our plan for returning to “normal”

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Northside family, we are all anxious to know what it will take for us to return to “normal,” whatever normal will look like when the pandemic is under better control. The elders have approved a four-phase plan for moving forward. Here is a video with all the details. There will also be information about our recent building renovations as well as an update on the state of the pandemic in San Antonio. We hope the message is both informative and encouraging.

The pandemic has been a difficult disruption to all of our lives, but the end is drawing near. We believe things will be much better in a few months. Let’s continue to encourage and support one another. Let’s offer one another grace and commit ourselves both to patience and prayer. God is still in charge of the universe. We place our trust in Him.

Updated 5/13/2021

POSITIVITY RATE: 1.7% (covid19.sanantonio.gov)

We are now in Phase 4. We will meet in the building for worship at 9:00 a.m. and classes at 10:15 a.m. The children’s department is open for nursery, children’s worship and Sunday school. Pre-registration is requested each week to allow for safe numbers and volunteers. View a complete list of guidelines and procedures. Please read these guidelines carefully and talk over them with your children; your support in this is appreciated.

As the numbers in San Antonio improve, we will move toward our new normal in phases.

Phase 1 trigger: Risk Level is Moderate and the city positivity rate remains at 10% or less for two consecutive weeks.

    • Because being outdoors is safer than indoors, we will continue having outdoor services as long as weather permits. When the weather prevents us, we will worship indoors, always following social distancing and mask guidelines. As long as we keep our masks on, we will be able to sing.
    • In Phase 1, we will begin offering limited children’s activities during the worship hour, with guidelines based on the advice of our medical community and our current preschool guidelines. We will have to have a sufficient number of volunteers to staff these children’s activities. We have already begun reaching out to possible volunteers.

Phase 2 trigger: Risk Level is Mild and the positivity rate drops to 8% or less for two consecutive weeks.

    • In Phase 2, we will begin meeting indoors services each Sunday morning, again with appropriate social distancing and mask guidelines.
    • Also in Phase 2, we hope to launch an adult Bible class meeting in the Worship Center, a youth group class in the Youth Room, and expand the length and scope of the children’s activities, continuing to follow social distancing and mask guidelines.

Phase 3 trigger: Risk Level is Low and the positivity rate drops to 6% or less for two consecutive weeks.

    • In Phase 3, we will increase the number of adult Bible class offerings and begin offering age-group specific children’s classes, continuing to follow social distancing and mask guidelines.

Phase 4 trigger: Risk Level remains at Low and the positivity rate drops to 5% or less for two weeks.

We will resume as many of our normal programs and operations as possible, as long as they are consistent with recommended guidelines. We will know more at that time about what we can do depending on local medical recommendations, including the number of residents and members who have been vaccinated.

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