The Amazing and Extraordinary Sovereignty of God

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This is the first lesson in the series:

Persevering in a Pandemic  – Faith, Love, & Covid-19

The Amazing and Extraordinary Sovereignty of God Lesson Outline
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Questions for Discussion

    1. How might a narrow understanding of the sovereignty of God lead some people into a crisis of faith? In what ways have you perhaps walked this path?  In your own life, how has recognition of God’s sovereignty brought you help and encouragement?
    2. In what places in the gospels do you see Jesus fully accepting the limitations of being human? How do the temptations in the wilderness reveal the real humanity of Jesus?  What spiritual and moral temptations might be associated with Covid-19?
    3. What do you desire of God in the current Coronavirus pandemic? How has his presence and promises equipped you to endure?  In the present circumstances, in what ways does the love of God enable us overcome fear?
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