The God Who Participates

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This is the second lesson in the series:

Persevering in a Pandemic  – Faith, Love, & Covid-19

The God Who Participates – Lesson Outline
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Questions for Discussion

    1. In what ways have you observed human free will causing and suffering and pain for self and others? What has been your personal reaction to this?  How have you dealt with sense of loss resulting from the choices of others?
    2. How have you processed the devastating effects of certain natural disasters from the perspective of faith? In what ways has this challenged or changed your own faith in Jesus and understanding of God?
    3. When has the experience of your own personal pain led you to wonder if you were being punished? When has your suffering or the suffering of others caused you to question the justice of God?  How did you eventual come to terms with this reality?
    4. Where do you most clearly see God’s amazing love demonstrated in Scripture? When and where have you most clearly observed it in your own life?  How might the realization of God’s love affect our response to others in this Covid-19 pandemic?
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