Youth Minister

Equipping our young people to love others and serve God.

Purpose Statement and Focus

The Northside Youth Ministry exists to encourage the spiritual growth and faith development of middle and high school youth, to help them become an active and vital part of the body of Christ, to equip them for a life of Christ-like devotion and to aid parents in instilling God’s word in the hearts of the youth. The Youth Minister works to provide our young people with wholesome recreation, service opportunities, Bible studies and worship experiences. The Youth Minister prepares them to be able to give an answer for their faith, deal with the pressures of the world, assists them with their struggles and guides them toward the likeness and love of Christ.

General Responsibilities and Duties

PROGRAM OVERSIGHT (40% of full-time commitment)

  • Provide oversight of junior and senior high youth. Assure youth groups maintain a balanced program of spiritual, physical, and social growth.
  • Be involved in the personal lives of the young people. For example, visit homes, attend school events, and make hospital visits. This also includes being aware of current youth development and culture.
  • Foster open communication with parents/guardians.
  • Assure every youth activity focuses entirely on building spiritually mature youth of the church.
  • Assure the “church youth” are taught and charged with their responsibility to outreach.
  • Assure training and regular involvement of youth in church ministry.
  • Assure proper care of facilities used by youth programs.

LEADERSHIP TRAINING (40% of full-time commitment)

  • Model and promote growth of individual worship activities such as prayer, meditation, Bible study and personal devotionals.
  • Provide opportunities for youth to plan and coordinate devotionals and worship services.
  • Plan and promote the involvement of youth into congregational worship assemblies.
  • Plan purposefully structured activities, such as mission trips that directly involve youth in outreach and evangelism.
  • Plan activities that provide opportunities for the youth to invite others.
  • Plan, organize and participate in service activities within the Northside congregation as well as in the community. Involve youth in current ongoing ministries.
  • Promote fellowship between middle and high school teens that build mentoring relationships.
  • Encourage adults/parents to become mentors and volunteers.

ADMINISTRATIVE (20% of full-time commitment)

  • Maintain a well-planned, carefully balanced program throughout the year coordinated with the church calendar of events.
  • Assure responsibilities for all events are communicated, delegated and appropriately understood by outh and volunteer adults/Interns.
  • Pre-schedule all activities in their entirety, including post-activity plans. Publish same to staff, parents, and youth in a timely fashion.
  • Provide information, encouragement, and coordination as needed to attend summer camps.
  • Assist the missions committee with field missionary experiences.
  • With the input and support of the youth ministry team, establish and maintain a philosophy of youth ministry and annual goals.

Other Duties

  • Participate actively in the general life of the congregation.
  • Preach on occasion in coordination with the eldership and other staff members.
  • Possess skills that enable management of organization, budget and publicity of youth
  • activities.
  • Coordinate with the children’s minister, elders and other staff to develop a comprehensive
  • youth program curriculum.
  • Maintain a schedule of office hours to facilitate youth, staff, elders, and other individuals.


  • Works under the supervision and general direction of the elders.
  • Regular reviews by the Elders.
  • Receives and considers recommendations from parents concerning functions and activities.
  • Conducts semi-annual parents meeting to recap the previous six months of activity and the upcoming schedule of events.

Skills and Knowledge Required

  • Bachelor degree in Youth Ministry or related field preferred, but not required.
  • Requires a strong knowledge of the Bible.
  • Must have ability to express faith in ways that youth can relate to and connect with.
  • Must have an understanding of issues facing teens today.
  • Must be able to effectively teach in both classroom and one on one situations.
  • Requires ability to work effectively with other ministries, staff, deacons and parents.
  • Requires excellent organizational, planning and follow-up skills.
  • Must be a self-starter capable of working with little or no guidance.
  • A sense of humor and a joyful disposition.
  • Experience with special needs youth is a plus.

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