We are disciples of Jesus Christ, growing in His likeness, reflecting God’s love in generous service to others, embracing God’s diverse creation, which we embody in joyful worship.

Our Values


We will seek to grow spiritually, committed to prayer, increasing in wisdom and knowledge through the regular study of God’s word, earnestly desiring to live like Jesus.


We will love God above all else and love others as Christ loved us, seeking unity in our diversity, respecting others even when we differ, extending the peace of Christ to all.


We will serve God and God’s mission faithfully, sharing the Good News, every member engaging in meaningful ministry as disciples of Jesus Christ.


We will give to others for Jesus’ sake and support the cause of Christ with generosity, pursuing the discipline of tithing as modeled in Scripture.


We will join in worship regularly and joyfully, in our assemblies and in our daily lives, praising God, confessing sins, seeking God’s help, thankful for God’s blessings.