Senior Adults Ministry

The senior adults ministry, North Stars, provides a wide range of ministries in support of the mission of the Northside Church of Christ. Our motto is to do “what you can” (Romans 12:6), “when you can” (Galatians 6:10), “the best you can” (Ecclesiastes 9:10) to honor Christ and his Church.

Mark Your Calendar

Seniors Game Day Lunch

July 26, 11:30 AM2:00 PM

Seniors Monthly Meal Deal

August 9, 11:30 AM1:00 PM

Seniors Game Day Lunch

August 23, 11:30 AM2:00 PM


Widow and Widowers: Provide consistent and need-driven care for members living alone by tending to their spiritual, social, intellectual, and physical needs. This includes frequent visits, calls, and cards and small gifts to encourage, enable, and sustain them.

Shut-Ins: Provide recurring support to those unable to leave their homes or care facilities where they receive care. This includes visits, calls, cards, prayers, and small gifts to encourage them and give them hope. This may also include providing meals and support to caregivers who may be fatigued with care-giving services.

All Seniors: Provide comprehensive ministry through teaching the word, pastoral care, counseling, visitation, social activities, benevolent projects, mentoring, and other programs that enhance spiritual and relational development.

Our Church Ministries: Provide support to the many and varied ministries of the Northside congregation in coordination with elders and deacons responsible for implementation. This includes both individual and collective participation for nurturing the “body life” of the church.

Support and Administration: Provide assistance to the Northside church staff through administrative and office support tasks to relieve some of the ongoing administrative burdens of a growing church.


  1. Bring seniors to Christ who know Him not. Bring seniors back to Christ who may have “left” Him or desire renewal in faith and action. This is seniors ministering to seniors.
  2. Provide ample opportunities for spiritual growth and development through preaching, religious education, and special retreat/seminars to maximize each one’s potential for service in the Kingdom of God.
  3. Encourage and enable each senior to participate in the Lifegroup ministry of the church. Foster the building of new relationships, while nurturing and sustaining older ones.
  4. Provide training and opportunities for serving the more vulnerable members of our church and community. This includes serving the poor, children’s homes, senior care centers and nursing homes, the HOPE center, and other like operations.
  5. Provide training and education on topics of concern and interest to seniors. This includes but is not limited to helping agencies, academic and skill training (i.e. computer training), grief education and Christian motivational training.
  6. Conduct a wide range of activities to nurture socialization among seniors that mitigates against the pangs of loneliness, depression, and cynicism. Provide need-based programs, trips and activities that really excite seniors and give them hope and optimism for living.
  7. Build a network of caring seniors so that NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND. Encourage personal responsibility for the caring of others. This network becomes aware of special needs or concerns among seniors and suggests remedies for the situation.
  8. Provide knowledge of resources available for solving problems. Assist seniors in understanding and utilizing those resources.