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Sunday, May 19 marks 40 days since Easter Sunday and is the day the church traditionally recognizes as the celebration of Pentecost. Pentecost was the day when God’s promised Holy Spirit arrives and inhabits Jesus’ earliest followers. It is the day when the world changed because it’s the day that a group of people, united by sharing God’s Spirit, become the embodiment of Christ on earth; literally, the body of Christ. And, it is the day when many were baptized because of the good news this body taught.

Since the first Pentecost Sunday, it has been a day when new believers have decided to become part of this new body of Christ by being baptized. At Northside, we are going to take the chance to celebrate what God has given us through baptism on this Pentecost Sunday. Some folks have already decided to be baptized and we could not be more excited. However, we will also celebrate and reflect on the ways God’s gift of baptism has shaped the body of Christ at Northside for a long time.

We Need Your Help

We are planning a special part of this celebration and we need your help to do it.

Would you please send any videos or pictures of your baptism or the baptism of your children via WeTransfer.com by noon Thursday to worship@nscoc.org to be shown as part of a slideshow in the service?

We recommend the use of WeTransfer.com when sending large videos and photos, as most email servers will not send large files and will compress the files, making them blurry and pixelated when viewed on our auditorium screens.

Send photos or videos by noon Thursday.


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