Into the Body of Christ | Fully Immersed

April 28, 2024 | David Sessions

The story of Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch has not been as studied in our tradition as other Baptism stories in Acts. However, it is a key part of the story Luke is trying to tell. This story is the “hinge” between the first part of the book—how the early church spreads in Jerusalem and Judea—and the second—how the early church spreads to the entire world. Watch our service from Sunday, April 28 as we continue our series on baptism entitled, “Fully Immersed.”

A note to parents: I want to give you fair warning that I will talk about what a eunuch is in the sermon. It is a detail we can’t do without to understand what God is doing in this short story. I will not overly dwell on the biology of it, nor will I go into inappropriate detail. However, if you feel your child is not ready to hear about what makes a man a eunuch please either have the discussion with them before church on Sunday or make other plans for them. —David

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