Message | Living in the Therefore | Exodus: Who Is the Lord?

September 24, 2023 | Jack Reese

“Let me tell you a story.” That’s the instinct nurtured within the Jewish faith—both Old Testament and New Testament, both then and now. When asked a question about a doctrine or a law, a rabbi would most likely reply, “Let me tell you a story.” This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has read the Gospels. Isn’t that what Jesus almost always did? “Once there was a man who had two sons…” “Two men came to the temple to pray…”

That sense of story is no small thing. Story is about WHY. And about WHO. Story lies behind all of God’s laws, ordinances, and instructions. The how-should-we-live question in scripture is always rooted in the story of God. God was merciful toward you, therefore, you be merciful to others.

The crucial question for us is, how does our story intersect with God’s story? Who is our rescue? Where is our deliverance? Once we know that, we will know how to live. Watch the message from Sunday, September 24, with speaker, Jack Reese, as we continue our series in the book of Exodus.

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