Northside & The Mission of God | Living into God’s Mission

February 19, 2023 | Dr. Jack Reese

Watch our service from Sunday, February 19, with a message from Jack Reese, as we launch our new series, “Living into God’s Mission.”

Some churches are content just to keep doing what they’ve always done. Their goal is to make as many members as possible happy, or at least not upset. It’s not a bad thing to want people to be happy, of course, but nowhere in Scripture does our personal happiness show up as a primary concern for the church.

God has a mission in our world. Our goal is to join God in that mission. Doing so may not increase our happiness, but happiness is not the point. Discipleship is. Giving our lives to Jesus is. Taking up a cross is. Serving others ahead of ourselves is. Loving the world as God loves the world is.

In this service, we begin to consider what it means to “Live into God’s Mission.” We will look specifically at our Strategic Vision. We want to think together about the best way for us to join God in the vital work God is doing around us. If we do, here’s what we will find. It may not be our personal happiness. But we will find joy, real joy, exhilarating, breathtaking, gospel-centered, hope-filled, world-changing joy. And that will be enough.

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